For Our Clients

Before we begin service, we will meet with you and your pet family. While different pets have different needs, we offer a variety of services to accommodate each pet.  In order to determine the proper care for your pets and rates for those services, you will complete a pet sitter information sheet to include  specific care requirements, emergency contacts, daily schedules —all the details that will make this pet care experience fun and stress-free  for pet and owner.

For pet sitting:

  • Some pets- puppies, senior pets, pets with meds, pets who suffer from separation anxiety-  may need more attention than others.  Standard pet sitting visits are customized to the needs of these pet.
  • Little tasks such as bringing in the mail or newspaper, watering house plants, turning lights on and off, adjusting the temperature of the home will be done upon request.
  • A daily report will be sent by email or text to the pet owner.
  • If requested, your pet will be brushed and massaged during the visit. When owners are away for a time, pets may become stressed and anxious. Massage  provides enormous benefits for a pet’s psychological well being.

For dog walking:

  • We help  dogs receive their required daily exercise. If the weather is severe, there are play options that might be a better choice than a walk. This will be discussed with the owner.
  •  We are trained to practice safety at all times and confidently deal with dogs that exhibit signs of aggression.
  • For dogs who have never been properly trained to walk on a leash – whether it’s a large dog with pulling or aggression issues, or a small dog with alpha or dominance issues- we work with techniques that will make an outing more enjoyable for the owner and the dog.


Our dog clients:                                      me-and-hav                                      

  • We have experience with dogs that exhibit resource guarding;.
  • We have trained to help dogs who are people aggressive and leash reactive.
  • We deal with dogs who have territorial issues.
  • We are comfortable with all sizes and all breeds.

Our cat clients:

  • Care includes feeding as directed; daily litter cleaning;  administering needed meds;  securing outdoor cats inside before dark.

Our other clients:

  • In addition to dog and cat care, we can help with birds, chickens and other domestic animals. Rates vary.

Our overnight stays

  • If you will be away for awhile, consider an overnight stay to reduce your pets’ stress and anxiety.  Staying at home in familiar surroundings is less stressful than time in a kennel.Pets who are not accustomed to being alone will sometimes feel abandoned throughout the night. With an overnight stay, your pet remains in the comfort of your own home and maintains their own routine. Give us a call..we will love to be of service.


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